Refuge Stöfflhütte

7h 0min
41 km
1500 m
Felthurns (Taubers Unterwirt)
Felthurns (Taubers Unterwirt)

An long and challenging tour through the forest of Pfunderer Berg. After the uphill to Refuge Stöffl hütte, from Refuge Untergruber to Latzfons / Lazfons you will fi nd a long and unique downhill. Along the circuit you can visit the Mine of Pfunders. The whole itinerary is on gravel road. Amazing view from all the trails.

Starting from the Hotel Unterwirt (850m) in Felthurns/Velturno on the „chestnut trail“ sign no. 12 to farmstead Moar zu Viersch. Continue on the road and then uphill right on gravel road towards Verdings/Verdignes (920 m). Cross the town and follow sign no. 1. Turn left and continue on gravel road no. 1 to Latzfons/Lazfons (1.173 m). Downhill left on trail no. 2 to Hotel Mühlele (850 m), cross the bridge and continue to farmstead Planitzer. Follow gravel road no. 3 towards Mine of Pfunders to the miners‘ chapel St. Anna (1.134 m). Right uphill on a blue-white trail towards Pfunderer Berg (1.523 m). Follow sign the blue-white no. 21 towards farmstead Samberger. After a short stretch on the road uphill right on a gravel road to Refuge Gasser (1.744 m). Upill and follow the sign towards Refuge Stöffl hütte.

From Refuge Stöffl hütte (2.057 m) towards the Gfohler Alm. Turn right and continue until Refuge Untergruber (1.929 m). Then downhill on the road to Latzfons/Lazfons (1.173 m). Follow the road of river Plabach. Left on the red-white gravel road to Garn/Caerna (1.166 m). On trail F to Schnauders/Snodres (1000 m) until the ski lift. Arrived at the road, turn right towards farmstead Oberfrauner and then right again towards farmstead Tonigmüller and downhill on the blue-white gravel road. Right on the „chestnut trail“ no. 11 driving past Ziernfeld and to the Hotel Unterwirt in Felthurns/Velturno.


General tour data:
Mountain bike-area: Naz e Dolomiti
Diffi culty grade: strong
Itinerary length: 41,1 km
Height difference: 1500 m
Travel time: 7-7,5 h
Riding technique Uphill: strong
Riding technique Downhill: strong

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